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We often get calls from people wanting to know what the difference is between different quality of hair grade. There is a lot of confusion out there surrounding hair and the different quality of hair so we though this blog posting would be great to help people understand what what they are buying and decide what is the best value for them.

7A or Lower quality human hair:
The hair is not cut hair, it's fallen hair so the cuticle of the hair can be mixed up
The hair is removed from the head and allowed to fall to the floor, allowing the roots and ends to be mixed up, creating cuticles that do not run in the same direction. This causes tangling.
Because of the cuticles the hair goes through a lot of chemical processing to the cuticle to reduce this tangling as much as possible. This processing causes extensive damage to the cuticle. This creates dull, dry hair. To hide this, the hair is covered with a grape seed oil or silicone. This coating slowly washes off as the hair is shampooed. The hair then goes through additional chemical processing to create various textures and colors. Dyes used on low quality hair are often fabric dyes, and because of this, the hair will not react properly if colored later.

8A Good quality human hair is referred to as "Remi", "Remin", or "Remy."
The cuticle of the hair is facing one direction and should be fairly intact the hair may go through a process to the cuticles into the correct direction. This hair is sometimes chemically treated just in case the procerssor missed a hair on two while trying to them. Cheaper brands of remi hair can have some damage to the cuticle caused by processing. This hair should not be colored and will still dry out faster over time. It has longer wear than low quality hair but still will need to be replaced on a regular basis. The hair experiences additional chemical processing to create various textures. This hair is sometimes referred to as "European Quality Hair." This is not actually European hair, but hair that has been stripped dowm slightly so that it resembles the feel of a European cuticle strand.

8A Above High quality human hair
This hair has a healthy cuticle, if not fully intact. The textures of this hair are natural, not chemically introduced, some hair is straight and some is wavy. High quality hair will wear up to a year if treated properly. Again, natural colors are dark so hair goes through a stripping process to create lighter colors, therefore causing the cuticle to open a little. Try to avoid coloring. If you want to color use the same color process and products that you would use if you were coloring the hair growing form your head.

9A Very high quality human hair is Remy as well as "Virgin" or "Raw."
It has never been treated with ANY chemical process, and has usually been grown with the intent of selling. The cuticle is completely intact. Even within this category the hair comes in separate grades, with A being that of a young child's suffering little environmental damage, and D being that of an older donor with slightly more coarseness to the hair, If you are ordering longer lengths chances are the client is older. It can safely be colored or permed, and is extremely expensive and rare. Many companies try to pass their hair off as this fraudulently. This hair can be worn for years with proper care.

Virgin hair – Indicates that the hair is perfectly natural and has not been processed in any way.

Remy hair – Are arranged so that all the roots go in the same direction. Remy hair generally lasts longer than other non-remi hair and doesn’t tangle easily.
Double Drawn – Means that the human hair has all of the shorter hairs in the bundle manually removed twice, hence the ‘double’ drawn. This results in the hair being much thicker. The process is time consuming and therefore it is the most expense .
Invisible Hair Weave – attaches commercial hair to natural hair and is long lasting. Application generally takes about 1-1 1/2 hours. Once completed it will last approximately 8 weeks.
Clip on wefts – Also known as clip-in hair extensions can attached to natural hair for added length and volume. Once the clips are attached, it is recommended that you visit a stylist to blend the hair into a natural look. Clip on hair extensions easily removed.


The "A" Grading system is a standard used by companies to advise manufactures/factories know how thick they want the ends of their hair extensions.
The grade of your hair extensions refers not only to the quality of the hair but to the thickness of the hair extensions to the ends, the higher the grade the thicker they are at the ends and Hair quality also great.
Hair extension thickness starts at A Grade, this is the lowest grade available (very spindly at the ends) through to 7A Grade (also known as Double Drawn, this is the highest grade available). Double Drawn hair extensions means 85-90% of the hair is the same length all the way to the ends of your human hair extensions.
We use high grade hair extensions to ensure you achieve a natural full look. Our human hair extensions are graded from 7A Grade - 9A Grade (Single Donor cuticle hair).
You can buy online with confidence that you can purchase high grade human hair extensions!
There are Companies that advertise Hair Extensions without specifying how full the hair will be at the ends quite often don't understand the product they are selling or supplying to the end user.
Grading should not to be confused with hair type, be sure to check the type of hair (for example Indian Remy) you will receive when buying Hair Extensions as other Companies may supply you less than what you are actually paying for.

The following is what we consider to be most important to understand when purchasing your hair extensions.
1. Hair Type & Quality
There are many types of Human Hair ranging from European Hair, Indian Hair through to Chinese Hair, also very important to purchase Remy Hair as Non Remy Hair is very prone to tangle and will not last nearly as long.
Indian Hair known as its texture, but hair strands is much thinner than chinese hair, especially after bleaching, the hair will be very weak. because its thin,so the hair is very soft. because the indian women tradition way to wash hair,and the tradtion hair style, the texture is natural.
Chinese Hair strand is much thicker, thats why even bleach to 613# the hair still feel strong.and last longer time, if a chinese hair with cuticle, that gonna be the perfect products for stylist and personal users.cause it has the all the advantage of hair products.(try a sample)
European hair is very rare on the market,many people think it is Natural Blonde color,but almost Blonde color on the market is after bleached by chinese,indian hair. mostly is chinese hair.
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